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My name is Mark O’Bannon and I am an author of the fantasy novel,

The Dream Crystal

Have you ever had a dream slip away?
Imagine what it would be like to have all of your dreams dissolve before your eyes. 

As your dreams wither away, they come for you. . . .

All of the world's dreams are about to die.  The Shadow People have come.

Always near, they linger in the darkness, ready to devour dreams, hopes ambitions and desires.

An ancient race of people, the Tuatha Dé Danaan have lost a war against the Milesians – the Celtic invaders of Ireland.  They have been exiled to another world, Tír na nÓg – the Land of Eternal Youth, which lies behind our world.  The Tuatha Dé are known as the Faeries, and they are the guardians of dreams.

Aisling is a Changeling Faerie who wants to rescue the human child she was exchanged for.  But her “sister” isn’t in the Land of Dreams any longer.  She has been taken by the Shadow People.

The Dream Crystal is a Romantic Fantasy novel with a touch or horror.
It's the first book of The Dream War Series.


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